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Rose Cooper

My artistic process is a rather spontaneous series of events. Oftentimes I set out with the intention of creating a specific piece, only to wind up going in an entirely different direction creatively. If I see an opportunity where a piece can evolve into something greater than what I originally intended I try to follow that instinct and relinquish any previous control I had over the piece. It’s almost like an open conversation with my artwork, and I let it take the lead in where it wants to go so that it may reach its full potential.

My biggest influence and inspirations would be nature, finding light in the darkness, time, illumination, and a person at the center of all these themes. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is one of my favorite themes to incorporate in my work. To me, it represents how the trials and turbulences of life are not a permanent state, and things will get better in time. In addition to this, showing how there is a connection between humans and nature, and how there is beauty in the earth. One of the biggest reoccurring themes I continue to use is a person and, in some way, or another they are tied to nature and the relationship between the two elements is something I like to explore in different ways. For me the relationship between the two subjects represents harmony, but at the same time, I also explore a sense of darkness between the two. To ask the viewer: what is their own relationship to nature like? Though ultimately, I think the biggest belief in my work is to capture a sense of longing in it, whether this is a literal sense where the subject is in obvious distress or a more subtle sense. Then, in turn, try to bring that feeling of longing out of the viewer. It’s not a longing for any theme in particular, but I find it to be a very powerful emotion and the power in that is something I want to capture and represent in my work.

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Artist Resume

Rose Cooper

Rose Cooper II 


2022         “Sister Diane” Acrylic painting for a short film poster. Red Cow productions.

2020        “Rufus” acrylic portrait of a dog in office, Cooper Law, Minneapolis, MN 

2020        “Medical Arts Building” acrylic painting of the medical arts building on nicollet mall      in minneapolis , Cooper Law, Minneapolis, MN 

2020        “Dual Comics” Comic book logo, Dual Comics, Eagan, MN

2020        “Mr. Kay” Dj logo, Minneapolis, MN


2022         Intern, Art To Change The World. Developing and managing public art projects that represent social justice issues, grant writing

2020        Art teacher, Studio Seven: Teaching art to children aged 7-17, following the tailor made curriculum of the program creator where students learn painting, drawing, ceramics, and printmaking, Minneapolis, MN 


2021        Associates of Fine Arts (A.F.A.) InverHills Community College, InverGrove Heights, MN 

2022         Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN


2021         Solo Show, Gallery 120 

2022         Chiaroscuro Portraits, Regis Center for the Arts

2022         Brilliant young Artists Transforming Society (B.A.T.S.), Fox Den Gallery 

2022         Reaching Past, Regis Center for the Arts 

2022         Holiday Show, Fox Den Gallery

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